Monday, 22 April 2013

High Elf Eagle Chariots should have Heroic Killing Blow

With all the High Elf rumors and pictures floating around at the minute, this made me smile. If you've seen the new Eagle Chariots you will know what I'm on about. Big thanks to @DiscoQing who I have pinched this off!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Kill Team Update - Events Team listens

Just a quick update about my review of the Kill Team - Operation: Mortifico event. It seems that the events team have listened to what people have said and come up with some changes which come into effect for the next event! You can see the changes here of the Warhammer World Facebook page.

But the general jist is....

  • You must have at least three models
  • A model may not have more than three wounds (before leader upgrades)
What this means is no more Riptides as well as no more Dooms (Nid special Character), however one thing which does seem to break Kill Team at the moment is a massive unit of Horrors. Due to how Horrors work now, you can effectively have 22 models which can pump out a lot of shots with their powers and because they pass psychic tests on Ld10, I can see it being a very frustrating game for people! Nick from the events team is going to look into this so hopefully this horrible thing can be stopped before somebody ruins the event!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

REVIEW - Kill Team : Operation Mortifico

Thought I would post a quick review about the Kill Team event run by the events team at Warhammer World, just in case anybody fancied going to any similar events in the future.

So on 13th April, we saw the second Kill Team event run by GW at Warhammer World, and I can honestly say overall I had a good time. The event costed £30 which does seem a little steep but I got an event pack which had the rules for the event in, score cards, tracking sheet for the level ups for my leader model and importantly a pen! Also included was lunch which was held in the GW staff canteen, which while wasn't anything spectacular was a lot better than some of the cold buffets held at other events.

The rules for the event were fairly simple. You had 200 points to spend on any unit(s) from any current codex from the following slots - 0-1 Elite, 0-2 Troops, 0-1 Fast Attack. All your models then operated as if they were their own unit, so you could ignore squad coherency. There were no restrictions on what you could take apart from the reserves rule was not in use, so your models had to start on the table (so basically no flyers). The mission was then a basic grab a central objective which you got points for and you also got points for killing your opponents kill team and specialists (a specialist was a model with a USR from the rulespack). Overall it was a fun day and I played six enjoyable games (out of eight).

Now the bad bit. Normally I'm a happy chap and I try to look on the good side of everything but I had two games against two players who decided not to play in the spirit of the event and brought a Riptide. In a normal game of 40K, I wouldn't care but under the Kill Team rules, a Riptide really breaks the meta as most kill teams struggle to deal with one and thanks to the leader upgrades, the Riptide gets better! Add to the mix that even if you do manage to kill one you don't get many points and you have something which turns a fun game into one of the worst games ever. The events team do seem to be on the ball though and looking at changing the pack for future events.

Overall a nice event only spoiled by idiots. Overall 8 out of 10 and worth a go.

Friday, 8 February 2013

D is for Daemons

At the moment, it's looking like Daemons for 40K and Fantasy are next. Whilst the rumor mill has been saying we will be seeing this dual release around Feb/March for a while, I think I have been able to spot something to back this up.

If you read White Dwarf, you probably would have noticed in the back that the White Dwarf staff have been saying what they have been working on recently. If you have been reading this you may have spotted a trend.

For example, before the Chaos Space Marine release we saw updates from Andrew Kenrick saying he was painting up some Plague Marines and again before the Warriors of Chaos release, we saw him saying he was painting some Chaos Warriors up.

So knowing this, you may have noticed that Adam Troke has been painting up a lot of Plaguebearers for his 40K Daemon army and I think this is hinting that we will be seeing the Daemon release soon (within the next few months).

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Road to the Throne of Skulls

So it's a new year and it's the second month in, so I suppose I should write something for this blog. As I have mentioned previously, I signed myself up to the March 40K Throne of Skulls, with the intention of getting me to get some 40K stuff painted up for 6th edition and I started brainstorming about a Dark Angel army. Since then, we have seen the Dark Angel Codex released as well as the Fantasy Warriors of Chaos book but I have done nothing at all gaming wise. Well that is a slight lie as I have been playing more Magic the Gathering, but from a miniature gaming point of view I have done nothing.

Realizing that I need to start thinking about what I'm taking as well as learning the rules properly, I've started doing some research into past Throne of Skulls. Whilst doing that research I came across the following table from January 2013's 40K event. (The data is arranged by ranking with armies at the top being the 'best', then we have army name, number of players and average score)

Chaos Daemons           5   13.00
Orks                    6   11.60
Tyranids                5   11.25
Tau                     4   11.00
Chaos Space Marines     20  9.21
Necrons                 10  8.78
Grey Knights            7   8.33
Space Wolves            7   8.00
Dark Eldar              5   8.00
Space Marines           19  6.50
Blood Angels            5   6.50
Imperial Guard          12  6.18
Dark Angels             6   5.20
Eldar                   4   5.00
Sisters Of Battle       2   5.00

Before I go any further, I just need to explain - GW Throne of Skulls events do their scoring a bit differently to 'traditional' tournaments  They do a army average score minus the top players score and you need to beat that to win. It's a bit strange but it still seems popular and it is something different so I'm not going to complain.

This data is useful for me as it can give me a rough idea about what people will be taking and I can look at trends and wot not. Firstly we can see that Chaos Daemons did very well in the January event and frankly this is not surprising with the new Flamer and Screamer rules (cheap templates of doom and flying shooting things from hell). Also from an internet point of view (because these armies are 'rubbish'), we have some surprising results as we see Orks, Nids and Tau doing well but I think this is more down to players knowing what they are doing rather than those codexes being broken. Then we have the rest and see a right mix of codexes.

So what does this mean to me?

Well, for a start I can see that Chaos Daemons are very good at the moment. Flamers and Screamers add a lot to the army for not many points and this makes armies heavy with them very good. Downside is that it is rumored that the new codex isn't far away at all (March the oracles are guessing) and what is good now, may become more expensive or not as good. This means if I decided to do an army of them, I would need to consider the balanced approach otherwise I might end up with a rubbish or illegal army.

We can also see having a popular codex means you will stand less chance of winning the event due to the averages. This means I need to be looking at either doing one of the less popular Marine codexes or one of the xeno races if I want to do well. After reading the Dark Angel codex I think every man and their dog will be using them, partially down to the codex being new but mainly as it's a very well thought out list with plenty of options. This also means which ever army I go for I need to be able to take out 2+ save models as well as having protection from bolters (read the Standard of Devastation).

Even with all this information, I still haven't made my mind up. Realistically I should be doing Marines of some flavour but part of me wants to give Daemons a go. I need to do some careful thinking before I start.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Dark Angel Brainstorming

Sorry it's been a while but I've had a break from gaming for the last few months (although I have been playing Magic the Gathering). But now I'm back and raring to go and roll some dice! So much so, I've signed myself up to the March 2013 Games Workshops Throne of Skulls event for Warhammer 40K!

The story behind this is quite simple - I've grown a bit bored with Warhammer at the moment and that's mainly down to how the current comp systems being used have made preparing for events a bit stale. Being at an tournament and playing games and socializing was fun, but often the run up was a bit dull and tedious, as you would often see the same sort of lists doing the rounds. So my plan was to try a Warhammer Fantasy Throne of Skulls to see if that injected any fun back for me, but I found myself writing similar lists which I was getting bored with and even with the prospect of starting a new army, I couldn't shake what I was doing. So as a change and that I have some 40K stuff to paint up, I thought I would try the 40K version.

I haven't 100% decided on what I am taking but I am looking at Dark Angels. I'm looking at these mainly because they are rumored to be getting a new codex soon, plus I have the Dark Vengeance set. With the random missions in mind, I've tried picking an army which is aggressive but flexible. This has been quite difficult as whilst I have casually looked at the new 6th edition rules, I haven't played a game yet. Eventually I decided upon the following....



Command Squad
with Dark Angels Chapter Banner, Plasma Pistol, 2 Power Mauls, 2 Meltaguns and Drop Pod

10 Man Tactical Squad
with Missile Launcher

5 Man Tactical Squad
with Meltagun and Razorback

5 Man Tactical Squad
with Meltagun and Razorback

5 Man Tactical Squad
with Meltagun and Razorback

Fast Attack
Ravenwing Landspeeder with Typhoon Missile Launcher

Ravenwing Landspeeder with Typhoon Missile Launcher

Aegis Defence Lines with Quad-gun

The idea behind the army is fairly simple. Azrael, Ezekiel and the Command Squad are my hammer unit. Azrael gives the unit a 4+ Inv save and is actually quite a beatstick in combat due to being S6 with his Sword and having loads of attacks (his base value, also boosted by the Chapter Banner). Ezekiel helps the unit by being able to buff them with his powers as well as having a Force Sword to hand (but I need to remember that he is only Mastery Level one, so can only buff or use the Sword at full power each turn). The Command Squad rounds things off by being able to take on tanks or high toughness creatures.

The rest of the army is designed to be flexible by being able to move around the board taking out targets and capturing objectives. The large Tactical Squad is to man the Defense Line and use the Quad Gun and Missile Launcher for anything they can shoot at.

I'm not super happy with this army though. I think the concept is fine (although other marine codexes would be better suited) but I'm not sure how 'good' this army would be (especially considering it could be useless in a few weeks). My main worry is how transports work at the moment, because if you shake/stun a transport, the effect is still applied to the transported squad when they disembark (40K FAQ), and that would mean changing the army a bit to try and make better use of the Tactical Squads.

So have you had any joy with a similar hammer unit or army? Or do you have some suggestions about what I can change (again considering the new book may be out soon)?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

New CSM Codex Pictures

I can't take credit for this as I pinched them from another website - but here are some pictures of some of the pages from the new Chaos Space Marine Codex (from the book and posters GW had hanging up). Looking at these pictures, the new Chaos Space Marine codex is following the Warhammer Army Book format, which I think is brilliant and I'm looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. Anyway, here's the pictures.... (Note - if you want BIG pictures, right-click on and open in new window/tab)