Sunday, 30 May 2010

40K Radio is no more!!!

It's with sad news that I post about 40K Radio has stopped doing podcasting. Due to a email incident where a 'listener' made a personal attack against Spencer about the show, Spencer has decided to call it a day. 40K Radio wasn't a brilliant podcast but it had it's moments and it was fun to listen to at times. You can get full details about what happened on the 40K Radio website.

Farty Kay Movie Update

As I'm recovering from my curry last night, I've noticed that Codex Pictures has updated the Ultramarine movie website with a Teaser Trailer. You need to sign up to the site but it gives a look what a finished CGI Ultramarine looks like (nice so it happens). The teaser is just that though, a teaser. You see about 5 to 10 seconds of the Marine and then a black screen with lots of text saying the stars in the film.

It would have been nice to seen a bit more action, but this is looking a promising film instead of the pile of poo a lot of people were expecting. The story is by Dan Abnett and the voice overcast is made up of many classic British actors (see the site for details but they include John Hurt, Terence Stamp and Sean Pertwee).

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Knock, Knock?

Hi. My name is Gaz and I'm a Wargamer and have been for many years. I've played many different systems over the years but I've mainly settled down to playing Games Workshop ones, because I like the models, how the games play and plus it's fairly easy to find other players.

The Destruction Derby III in Dec 2009. I'm in the right hand corner looking thoughtful

The last couple of years, I've been attending Tournaments which I've enjoyed greatly, even if I'm not very good. Army wise I have a Daemon and Skaven army for Warhammer Fantasy and Necrons and Space Marines for 40K. Also I'm always trying to start a new army as I like having the models!