Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Complaining Idiots

At the moment, I'm away for work and currently sitting in my hotel room chilling out before I wander down to the bar for my tea and a few beers. I was a little disappointed with my hotel when I first booked in as it felt a bit like a nursing home, but over the last few days it's grown on me. The staff seem friendly, I've had a very nice nights sleep as the bed is nice and comfortable, and plus it's a golfing hotel so I've been able to while away a few hours on the driving range. My co-workers have done nothing but moan. One who moans for the sake of moaning has complained about everything, while the other has strange eating habits and had a moan when the hotel staff got confused about his food order (like expecting them to cook something last thing and bring it to his room so he can eat it around two in the morning when it's all cold and soggy).

Anyway, what I'm really getting at with this post is some comments I've noticed about the new toys GW are bringing out in a few weeks. Look at the following picture...

Three plastic Bloodcrushers. Seems innocent enough as the models look very nice and being plastic means they will be very easy to assemble and convert. Now bearing in mind that GW charge £18 for one metal one, we can expect to shell out £32.50 for these three models. So I can have one metal one for £18 or three for £32.50. Seems quite a deal to me as each one is £10.83 (roughly), while to have a similar amount in metal would cost me £54 and each one would be identical. Now I don't want to state the obvious but the plastic ones seem a very good bargain. Yet I have seen people complaining about the cost for some strange reason. I don't know if it's because it's plastic or something else but I just can't believe people sometime. Yes it's an expensive hobby and GW do mess up sometime by charging something silly or whacking prices up for no reason (well no reason to us the consumer), but just as often they come out with some fantastic kits at a affordable price.

Anyway enough ranting off me, the bar is calling!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

40K Radio is back.... Kind of

Yup it's back. Everybody's favourite 40K Podcast. Well kind of. For those not in the know, 40K Radio closed up a few months back (see my ramblings about it here) but the world craved a 40K Podcast and while there are some good ones out there (I quite like The 11th Company or Worlds End Radio, although WER does other systems, so isn't pure 40K), 40K Radio was the most popular. Personally, I liked bits of 40K Radio but found it a bit dull when it came to their codex insight (they covered the codex unit by unit and it was quite boring) or just rambled on about how much beer they have drunk. Anyway it's been brought by Battlefoam and they are starting from scratch with new presenters. I've only managed to listen to the first 10 minutes of the introduction episode (to let people know it's back but with new people) but so far I think it's going to be good.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

8th has landed

As many many people are probably aware, Warhammer 8th edition is out now, and I can say that I think it's the best version of the rules that they have done so far. My collectors edition has arrived and has been signed by some of the Games Designers at the Warhammer Launch yesterday. I didn't get to see anything new or pester anybody for anything new as I was very hungover due to my birthday party the night before, so I wasn't functioning quite right. I enjoyed my time there (apart from in the Miniature Museum where some smelly oink farted) and I just wish that I could have gone earlier in the day (we got there around 15:00) but people kept on putting drinks in my hands at my party.

Not much else to say apart from after speaking with the designers, you can see that they really do care about what they do, and are just as passionate about the game as you or I. Now for some pictures of my book!

I'm dead chuffed with it, and although there are things I would like to change (like gold edging to the pages and a different clasp) I'm still very happy with it!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

7 Days to go

It' a bit silly but I'm being even more of a big kid than normal at the moment. With 7 Days to go before the release of Warhammer 8th edition, I'm getting very excited about it. I've been checking the GW website daily to see if my collectors edition has been sent out yet (it hasn't yet). On the GW Blog, it's been mentioned that they are getting orders packed ready to be sent out next week, so hopefully I'll get mine by next Wednesday.