Friday, 27 August 2010

Here's looking at Blue

As many people may have gathered, Codex Pictures have released a trailer for the Ultramarines Movie and whilst many people have moaned about it because they were expecting something like the Dawn of War intros, I think it's quite good. Bearing in mind that they haven't got a massive budget but have managed to get a veteran cast to do the voiceovers as well as Dan Abnett to write the story, I think this is going to be good.

Anyway, watch below if you don't believe me....

I think it looks cool!

It's oh so quiet....

Not too sure what to say, but I've been very slack with updating this blog and there is one reason for it - WORK! I've just been really busy with work and what is even more annoying is that I've had to drop out of the Warlords GT as well as the Mansfield Maul due to the dreaded 'W' word. It's also had me working some long hours where I haven't had chance to do much gaming either.

But I have managed to get a couple of games of 8th edition in. Both games where against my mate Stevyn, who being a copper works dodgy hours as well and this was our chance to both see what 8th edition was like. We decided to play 1000 points as it meant we could hopefully get lots of games in (which was good as in-between learning the rules I got called out several times for work). Our first game was me running Wood Elves and Stevyn running Dwarfs. I brought a Level 4 Spellweaver with the Lore of Life backed up by a couple of units of Glade Guard, a unit of Glade Riders with a Noble (who had a Hail of Doom Arrow) and a unit of Treekin. Stevyn brought a Lord, Runesmith, big block of Dwarfs, big block of Hammerers, a unit of Crossbows and a Cannon. It was a fun game with me whittling down the Dwarfs from afar and them marching towards me. In the end it was a Win to Stevyn as while I had killed most of his army I wasn't able to finish units off and under 8th, that's how you get Victory Points. As I had Wood Elves, Stevyn was able to just sneeze near them to kill them off, although the Lore of Life did help out with me making units tougher or bringing models back to life. Second game was me using Daemons and Stevyn using Dark Elves. He smashed me good in this thanks to being able to single out my Herald of Slaanesh and then having a Hydra Thunderstomp it's way through my army. Good game though.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bye Bye 7th Edition!!!

You may be wondering why it's been a little bit quiet on the blog. Well, I've been really busy with work due to a few last minute projects, but I've also been to a couple of tournaments as a last blow out of 7th edition. My collectors edition of 8th has been sitting on my shelf for weeks now, because I was too worried about reading it and forgetting all my 7th edition knowledge. Now these events are finally over and done with I can get cracking with 8th edition like everybody else.

The first tournament I went to was the Dragon Slayers Summer Bash held at Maelstrom Games. This was run by Tim Fisher from the Dragon Slayers and was a mini run up event for the Midlands Open, which was held a week later. After much humming and arrhing I ended up taking my pink Daemons as they were painted up and I only had to paint up a unit of Bloodletters to make it fit under the Midlands Open comp (which was good as I was really busy at work!). In the end I settled upon the following 2150 list...

Lord of Change - Lvl 4 Wizard, Master of Sorcery, Tzeentch's Will
Herald of Slaanesh on a Chariot
Herald of Slaanesh on a Chariot
10 Horrors
10 Horrors
12 Bloodletters
12 Deamonettes with Champ
5 Furies
5 Furies
10 Flesh Hounds
5 Flamers

Basicly the lists were 2250 but because I had a flying model with Strength 6 or more, I could only take 2150 and my flying model was worth extra points. The army basicly works by killing more than what is killed itself and keeping the Lord of Change alive as he's worth loads of points. I knew as long as he was alive I would have a draw or minor loss if everything else was dead. So I went off the the Dragon Slayers Bash and played three games.

DSB - Game 1 - Matt with Empire
Matt had brought a generic 7th edition empire army. So it had a War Alter, Steam Tank, and as much shooting as the comp would allow. I always feel Deamons struggle against these armies as it's basicly a gunline with good spells against Daemons (i.e the War Alter and it's bound spells). This game was good as we were ripping chunks out of each others armies but in the end it was a Win to Matt as he managed to push a bit harder and clean all my units up apart from the Lord of Change and a unit of Daemonettes who were in a Watch Tower.

DSB - Game 2 - Adam with Dwarfs
Adam was running a Dwarf army with no Anvil and not a lot of shooting. Yes that's right it's a fighty Dwarf army (three big blocks backed up by artillery). I got lucky with terrain and was able to hide a lot of my army and tried to bait him with horrors and hounds while the rest of my army swept round the flanks to take out the shooting units. Worked a treat but I gave half the Flesh Hounds while trying to bait him (otherwise his fighty blocks would have stayed still). This gave me a win and another good game and great opponent.

DSB - Game 3 - Gav with Lizardmen
Gav had a Lizardmen army with a Slaan in Temple Guard Bunker, a Engine, Cold Ones, and then some chaff to bulk the army out. I decided to take beasts to try and stop the engine/cold ones from doing things when I should have stuck with Heavens (like I did all tournament). This game was basicly a right blood bath in the middle of the board in which Gav came out on top, and then we had a Benny Hill sketch for the rest of the game with a lone Terradon chasing my Lord of Change around. Very fun game but a win to Gav.

In the end I ended up 9th out of 16 which I was pleased with and had me feeling optimistic for the Midlands Open.

So a week later I'm at the Midlands Open on my own turf and played five games.

MO - Game 1 - Andy with Dark Elves
I was playing Andy who I had grudged as I knew of him from the tourney scene (he gets mentioned a lot of Heelanhammer) and we had been exchanging emails on the run up to the event as I had been helping out a bit with the organisation (techy bits with hosting the rules pack). Andy brought a fighty Dark Elf army with Black Guard, Executioners, Spear Elves and had minimal magic, a cauldron and as much shooting as he could. I was dreading this game as Dark Elves with lots of shooting and fighting elements were a tough army to take on. I debated about hiding everything, but in the end I decided to be aggressive and push forwards. This caused Andy to have a brainfart and start being defensive and he started moving backwards. He then had some bad luck as I caused a panic test on the Executioners (I blasted a unit of shades away) who ran off the board and gave me loads of points. Andy managed to claw some points back but it ended with a Win to me.

MO - Game 2 - Rich with Empire
Another Empire army with a Steam Tank, War Alter and lots of shooting. This was a nice game but I really struggled in this game and when my Flesh Hounds bounced off the War Alter, Rich capitalised upon this and then took everything out apart from the Lord of Change. Ended with a Win to Rich

MO - Game 3 - Steve with Wood Elves
Steve was having a bit of a rough time with the Wood Elves and again he had a rough time this game. He brought a Lvl 3, two units of Glade Guard, dryads, two units of Wardancers, unit of Wild Riders, Treekin and a Treeman. Steve forgot that half my army had flaming attacks and after turn two he had lost the Treekin and Treeman. To be fair to him, if they had got into close combat, I think he would has smashed me up good and proper but once I had removed those units I was able to clean up the rest of the army. Steve didn't make it easy but with Daemons and a bit of luck I was able to remove most of his army apart from the Glade Guard, his lvl 3 and a lone Wild Rider hiding. A win to me and a good game. Steve has even grudged me for the Warrington tournament in six weeks time!

MO - Game 4 - Jim with Combat Lizardmen
When I found out that I was facing a Lizardman army, I was expecting something simular to what I  faced at the Dragon Slayer Bash. I was pleasantly surprised to see a combat army with a Old Blood on a Carnosaur, two units of Cold Ones with heros buffing them up, a Engine, and then skinks with kroxigor. This was a very bloody game where we killed loads of things on both sides but I was a bit too wasteful taking things out (like my chariots against the Engine) and it ended with most of my army dead and Jim with about a third of his still around. This game him a Win and it was a nice game against something a bit different.

MO - Game 5 - Jon with Skaven
This was the one race I didn't want to fight all weekend. Skaven are fast, fighty and random. Jon had what most people consider the standard Skaven army (furnace, cannon, clanrats, giant rats, etc) but he did have the Abomination, Rat Ogres, and not a lot of magic. I was quite worried about this army but we had a really fun game. I managed to take down the Abomination with my flamers after it had slaughtered the Deamonettes, as well as causing lots of damage to his army with a big comet going off. I made a big mistake by not noticing a unit of giant rats just being on a hill which my Flesh Hounds were hiding behind, and the rats charged in the flank and took the unit out after a few rounds of combat. If I had have spotted this I might of got a draw out of the game, but it ended with a win to Jon.

This left me with two wins and three losses over the weekend, but got me 50 battle points as I didn't get big losses and I managed to come 41st! I was really pleased as this was my best finish at a tournament and I had a fun time seeing 7th edition out.