Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year & New Resolutions

Some parts of the world are already celebrating the new year (and decade) and it's around this sort of time a lot of people get all optimistic and look to the future and start thinking about resolutions.

With 2011 only hours away for me, we already have a good idea what GW are tempting us with.

The year begins with a Skaven splash release, with players getting missing weapons teams and characters, as well as the important Abomination and Warp Lighting Cannon/Plague Catapult. We also get to see magic cards and a heraldry book. Personally I like all the models I've seen (check out my earlier post or pop over to the GW website on their advance orders section) and I think we will see a lot more Skaven armies around (I know I'm thinking about one).

In the month of love (or bloody hard work if you are a florist!), we see the Stormraven and some Blood Angel releases. Whilst GW haven't confirmed anything yet, you can make a fairly good bet that we will be seeing this due to the accidental Stormraven article GW added to it's website a few months ago. The model is a bit hit and miss for a lot of players. I quite like it as it sits in with the STC design style that we have seen with all the other vehicles. Also with the Stormraven actually getting a model hints that other ranges will be getting it (like Grey Knights)

I can't think of a witty way of merging March and Orc (Orcarch?) like what GW did with October a few years ago with the Ork release (Orktober), but in this month we get to see a new Orc and Goblin book. It'll be very interesting to see the book because it's the first 8th edition book as well as many Orc players are probably worrying what will happen to their army now (as 8th gave them a much needed power boost). I think it will be a intersting release and will show players roughly which direction GW will be taking the army books in.

Rest of the Year
So after the first few months it gets a bit hazy. We know Grey Knights are coming which should be really cool as we will get to see an army playing how Marines work in the novels (basicly one Marine is worth a hundred men!). Also rumours have been hinting at a Necron release later in the year, which I'm really excited about as Necrons are one of my favourite armies. We also have heard rumblings about a Dark Eldar second wave as well as another expansion for 40K allowing players to have lots of aircraft (which also hints at most races getting some new models). Fantasy wise it's looking like we will see Tomb Kings and maybe Ogre Kingdoms, which is good as both books need redoing. I also imagine that we will see some Lord of the Ring releases, but I don't really play that, so not that interested.

New Year Gaming Resolutions
As many people are aware, it's customary to make a resolution for the new year. I personally don't bother as I usually break it within minutes of making one. But I'm going to try and make some gaming ones, which I will kind of stick to. Anyway, here's what I'm thinking...

1) Paint up the Island of Blood set
2) Get a 40K army painted up
3) Pick a Fantasy Army to use in 8th edition
4) Play more games on a regular basis
5) Try not to buy models I have no intention of using

Bit of a list but I think I can do it. The main ones for me over the next few months is a 40K army and not buying models I have no intention of using. Like most wargamers, I'm a horder and tend to amass a collection of things I don't really need. I would like to get a fantasy army done as my Daemons aren't really suited to 8th edition and I would love to play more games on a regular basis (depending on work and home life).

Anyway, that's 2010 over for me and I'm looking forwards to 2011. Have a happy new year!!

PS - 6 ) try and update this blog more often!
This is one I really want to do!

See you soon

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Square Bases vs Round Bases

I seem to have gotten a dose of Manflu at the moment, as I've been sneezing and coughing all day at work. With that and the run up to New Year, not a lot has been happening but I have been pondering a bit of a debate for GW players - Square Bases vs Round Bases.


That's right, freeze. Now are you thinking that I'm going to whitter away about 40K vs WFB? If so, look at the floor in shame. I would never dream of doing that as it's all down to personal taste. What I'm going to be rambing on about is actual square bases vs round bases in regards of Daemons in 40K.

For a start, I'm guilty of this as I've been using my WFB Daemons as 40K Daemons as it means I get a fairly cheap 40K army as long as I don't mind being hamstrung a bit (as what works for WFB Daemons is different to 40K Daemons). At first glance the bases don't seem to be 'that' important apart from how they look, but if you look closely a square base can be abused slightly. From corner to corner, a square base is 35 mm, so a model on a square base can protentially gain 10mm if they are leaping out of transports. From a Daemon point of view this is a no show, since they have no transports. In fact due to the bases being slightly bigger, its a disadvantage against template weapons but only slightly.

So from a game point of view, there is no real reason why you can't use daemon models on square bases. But to me this is only something you want to use in casual games or if you are just discovering 40K from WFB. If you are going to a Tournament, out of respect for your opponent, you should really be using Daemon models on round bases. I mean, they have made some effort to get and assemble their models for playing 40K and I think you should do the same. Earlier this year I ended up taking a half finished Skaven army to the Sheffield Slaughter and I felt bad. I felt bad because I had a rough time at the start of the year and I felt bad that I had taken models which 'just' met the bare minimum painting requirements. (I'm eternally gratefully to Gareth Hamilton loaning me models over the weekend for the things I couldn't get finished) Anyway, I felt bad, mainly because all the armies I faced were nicely painted and they had to face a rag tag army of different painting styles. I vowed I wouldn't do it again and so far I haven't.

So at some point in the future, I plan on doing a 40K daemon army just so I can go to some tournaments and use them. That's assuming that I'm not distracted by anything else....

Eeww! Green Cheese

If you go to the Games Workshop Advance Orders Warhammer page, you may notice lots of furry warpstone powered contraptions and creatures. It's the second wave of Skaven models! It's just over a year after the book was originally released, and now GW have released some models to fill in the gaps in the range. There has been quite a few mixed comments about them but personally I like all the models. Combined with the Island of Blood I got for Christmas, I can see me painting lots of Skaven over the next few months (which is bad considering I should be getting ready for the Indie 40K GT!).

There are also rumours that we are getting a strange year for releases in 2011, as most of them seem the be model releases, rather than a new army book and then models. This is quite a big departure for GW as we've been used to getting a new army list followed by models (as the lists help sell the models). I think we are only seeing four main releases next year - Grey Knights, Necrons, Tomb Kings and Orcs and Goblins (Greenies are confirmed for March), whilst the rest will be new models for existing ranges (like the Stormraven for Blood Angels). It's a bit strange but we'll see how it pans out.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Gadzooks! An Update!!!

Anybody who has looked at this blog has probably noticed the lack of updates and too be honest I have a massive bag of excuses, ranging from work involving job 1 (Server Engineer) and job 2 (Dogsbody at my wife's florist shop), plus a few personal ones (such as my wife's family dog having to be put down). Anyway, you're reading this because you are interested in the ramblings that I write rather than anything to do with my personal life.

First on the list is Christmas. It's been and gone for another year and I've been a good boy as Santa left me a xbox 360 (with Kinect!), a copy of Island of Blood, a copy of Prospero Burns and a Fighting Fantasy book (plus things like aftershave and moisturiser). So inbetween gorging on Christmas food and prancing around the living room, trying to make a digital avatar do stuff (it's good that Kinect!), I've been thinking about my wargaming and related toys.

At the moment I'm half way though (roughly) Prospero Burns, and I think it's quite a good book. I think if you were expecting Space Wolf action and nothing but Space Wolf action, you will be disapointed. If you want a good sci-fi book which looks at the Imperium and how it sees the Space Wolves, then this is worth looking at. There is plenty of action in it, but not the kind that people were expecting. I'll post something like a review when I finish it (maybe....).

Next on the list is the Fighting Fantasy book - Sword of the Samurai. If you are quite young, you may have never heard of this series of books, but you don't know what you are missing. Basicly they are a series of interactive/rpg novels where you make choices on where the story goes, and the series was created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone who originally set up Games Workshop. I just need to print off some adventure sheets to help me along (as you need to make notes about your equipement and your status).

Finally is the Island of Blood, which is something I'm quite looking forwards to messing with. I got to see the set on release day earlier this year and I was very impressed with what I saw. Now having it in my hands I'm even more impressed. I'm already trying to come up with army lists for both High Elves and Skaven, and I can see me having another go at Skaven due to having models around from my attempt earlier this year.

Anyway I need to get back to work and work out how I'm going to play on my 360 without my wife moaning. See you soon!

Monday, 6 December 2010

Warhammer Foursome's and Waaggh!

Firstly, some exciting news - Games Workshop has confirmed that Orcs and Goblins are the next army book. Greenskin fans have been praying for a new book for a while now and it looks like not only are they getting it soon (March 2011) but it's also being written by Jeremy Vetock. Jeremy wrote the Skaven book, which is regarded by a lot of players as being a fun and characterful book (as well as being one of the current top tier books in the game) and he's also a big greenskin fan as well!

Also I've been dabbling with Fantasy again after a bit of a break from it. My mate Stevyn texted me last week asking if I fancied a game of Warhammer and I said yes. I then discovered that he also had Chris and Ian coming round and we were having a big four way battle. Having experienced Stevyn's scenarios before in the past, I was expecting something which would be cool but very long winded and we would be lucky to get a turn in. How wrong was I!

The idea for the scenario was that there was a Daemongate on the board which had a Daemon army trying to get out to slaughter everything but three other armies had turned up to control the gate, because they had heard rumours about powerful artifacts under the gate.The board was split up with one player having one short end of the board as his deployment zone, and the other two players deployed on the long ends but about 30" away from the short end player. In between the long end players was a hillside which sat the Daemongate. The hill counted as a Scree slope (difficult terrain for marching/charging) and all other terrain was counted as normal (random rolls). The Daemon player (me) got 2300 points to spend on a army but could only bring on units/characters if a unit/character was destroyed on the board in the other armies. I could charge out the daemongate in any direction but I couldn't stack units within it. The other armies hard 1600 points to spend. Player turn order was random (we diced for it) and magic was handled as normal but dispelling players divded up the dispel dice between them (but you could channel on a 4+).

It was a fun game with me using my Daemons, Stevyn using his Dark Elves, Chris using Skaven and Ian using Empire. All armies were quite mangled by the end of the game, with Stevyn loosing his whole army by turn four (he did have some bad luck). The game ended in a victory for Chris, but that's mainly because for some reason Ian dispelled my Lord of Change trying to cast Pit of Shades on Chris's Slaves which were in contact with the daemongate. Ian then let me cast Withering on some clanrats also in contact but he couldn't shift them with his mortars. In the end Chris won the game and we called it a night. It was a good game and has me all excited about Warhammer again.