Friday, 25 February 2011

Just Deserts

Anybody who plays WFB and lurks on the Interweb is most likely aware that GW have recently annonnced that they will be releasing Tomb Kings in May. This came as a bit of a shock to a lot of people, as GW have been releasing books at quite a slow rate. Rumours started circling that it was to do with the poor sales GW had (dropped 4%) which considering that they had just re-released a flagship game was really bad and the world was going to implode. Others have suggested that it's because GW have just got the rights to produce a minature game for the new Hobbit films. Either way, I don't really care as it's nice to see Tomb Kings get a new book after what seems an ice age and it helps improve the game for everybody by changing things around a bit. But I'm not writing a blog entry because of that, since this is old news in GW internet land.

I've just signed myself up to the Midlands Open which is a Warhammer tournament run by a chap from my local club. I went to the Open last year and really, really enjoyed it as it was nice having a local event and it was run really well by Luke and his helpers. This year he's doing it again and as I have my WFB mojo back, it's been put on my list of events to go to. This is great as I had to drop out of the UK40K Indie GT due to personal reasons and I always try and go to at least one tournament a year for any system. If you want to go to the Midlands Open CLICK HERE for the details.

Anyway as I was rambling I'm going to a Warhammer tournament and I have Warhammer mojo but I fancy a new army. Tomb Kings are an army I've always been fasinated with, especially as I have a slight interest in Egypt already (and I'm off to the land of civil unrest later this year for my holiday). Back when I first started playing Warhammer in the days of the 4th edition, I made a couple of attempts to do something Khermi flavoured and whenever I flick through my army books or play around with army lists, Tomb Kings work their way in somehow. Also over on The Warhammer Forum, a painting support group has started up for players to make some mini blogs about what they have been painting recently. I've signed myself up as I really need to start painting nicely rather than relying on drybrushing and army painter.

So my general plan upon hearing the rumours that Tomb Kings won't be getting any new plastic skelentons for the release, is to slowly paint up a load of bowmen and maybe swordsmen ready for the release in May. Then when the army comes out I will have a nice core to play around with and that they can get slowly phased out when the new models come out. Plus if the army isn't to my tastes or I fail big time to get it finished, Luke has offered me the chance to use his dirty Dark Elves! Everybody is a winner!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

BOLS O&G First Thoughts - I Disagree

So I've just finished doing some work and decide to chill out and I've notice that Bell of Lost Souls has just added a update with some first thoughts about the new Orc and Goblin book, GW's first 8th edition book. As I've got the book on order and I've just got my Warhammer Mojo back, I thought I would have a quick look to see what people think about the book.

Now there has been some very negative thoughts and views about the book ranging from people moaning that the book isn't competitive to the fact that it's a hardback book which makes it too heavy to carry (I mean come on... really?). So I was half expecting to see some first thoughts with either a unbiased view or something a bit different than moaning. Unfortantly I was going to be proved disapointed.

First point of the article is the statement that O&G still have low leadership. Well the greenies have always had low leadership, it's one of the characteristics of the army. Plus with BSB's in 8th edition allowing re-rolls for leadership tests, it's not as bad as it used to be.

Next thoughts are that the points haven't changed enough to make the army a top-tier competitive army. I can't really comment about this as I haven't had a in depth look at the book but I don't think this is a big issue. I think when we all found out that we would be seeing new books, I think we knew that points won't be changing that much. The Ben's from the Bad Dice Podcast haven't really been making any moaning noises about the game and Ben Johnson has had a good look at the book and has also managed to play a game against them. He hasn't made any major moans (although I think we should wait until they review the book). Either way I don't think this is a big thing to get annoyed about.

Now the thing that a lot of people have been commenting about - The Magic Items. If you weren't aware, the new O&G book only has 8 magic items and all range between 50 to 100 points. Whilst at first glance this is really really annoying, if you think about it most books only really had 8 or so 'good' magic items. So I don't think that this is that bad, although it would have been nice to have had some nice cheap items for Goblin Characters. We also see in the article that there is a mention about cookie cutter lists which we will only see in a competitive enviroment, but this is something we have seen for years and is also something you see all over the place in all kinds of different games.

Finally we see mention about the fact that the Greenskins lost the Waaagh spell. If you think about it, it's not really a great loss. Yes the Waaagh spell was a great asset to the O&G list but it didn't really do anything but make poor generals win games and annoy other players by seeing Orc units surge forwards thanks to a Irrestable Force. I think the new book has some interesting spells and it's nice to see something different.

Overall I think it's far too early to write off the book. I suspect we will be seeing the book doing well in events in the future and most players settling down into the new style books after we are a few more in. Although I don't think I will be playing Greenskins anytime soon, I think that they will make the game interesting.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Fakes, NDA's and Rumours?

Just a bit of theorising here and general ramblings. Over on Warseer, you may have noticed that the Grey Knight Rumour summary has died due to an IP Infringement. This IP Infringement came from some guys who were copying information from a leaked copy of the Grey Knights codex and I believe that somebody had also posted a direct link. Due to fear of the GW lawyers, the Warseer mods decided to pull the link and bin all discussion about the rumours. Which is fair enough as nobody wants to have legal action thrown at them but it does bring up some questions about the 'leak'.

Firstly, I have seen the leaked copy and I'm going to be very clear here, I'm not going to be posting links or emailing people with a copy as I don't want to get in trouble plus it's a incomplete copy so some infomation is missing (and it seems a early playtest copy). But is it a fake?

I don't think it's a fake because it seems like somebody has gone to a lot of effort to knock it up if it was. Basicly all the units have full unit descriptions like what we are used to in a codex, it seems to have all of the right fonts, and it seems to fit into the writing style that GW use. It also seems to be a photocopy or set of pictures of a printed version of the codex due to the quality of the document (some pages are at jaunty angles and some of the words aren't clear). Also in the past, folks who like to make fake copies of playtests tend to come up with something plausable but with something really, really silly in it (like the Bat Riders in the 'play-test' Blood Angel codex). So I'm going to say that this is a copy of one of the playtest lists.

This brings us nicely to NDA's or Non Disclosure Agreements. Whilst to us mere mortals, the GW playtesting process is surrounded with mistery, we can make some guesses. Firstly I imagine that all of the playtesters would have to sign a NDA which basicly forbids them from talking, writing or generally releasing information about the thing that they signed a NDA about. It's common practise around the world to basicly stop people blabbing on about up and coming things so competitiors don't start pinching ideas. Anyway, looking at the leaked copy of the Grey Knight codex, I don't think anybody within GW has broken a NDA as it looks like somebody has hastly made a copy of some of the codex and this suggests that they have pinched it without the playtesters knowledge and therefore could be a roomate or a gaming friend.

Although this does bring us onto rumours and wherever GW actually leaks the information it's self via 'trusted' sources. One of the things about internet forums is the animinorty that people can get, which can make it easier to leak information. Leaks can also happen because the guys who design the models and work on the codexes are just really excited about their job and like discussing it. Alternatively, GW have certain 'sources' who are told to leak information to either start getting people excited about a release or to see public opinion. So I think we can conclude that somebody within GW has leaked this codex on purpose either through general excitement about it (look at this it's cool) or because GW want's to get the Grey Knight bandwagon started.

So what do you think about this and do you wish that GW did things differently when it comes to a new release?

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Some 40K Loving

With it being Valentines Weekend, me and my wife have successfully completed day two of the weekend. By this I mean that she is a florist and I've been helping out by taking deliveries and being a general fetchit person. So I've come home and spent some time being geeky and looking at all things GW related on the web whilst she has gone out to see if she can find a new outfit for when we go out for Valentines. Anyway, looking at the web it's been quite a exciting week. We've had lots of Warhammer Greenskin goodness and now we are seeing some 40K loving in the form of lots of Grey Knight rumours and blurry pictures.

Now I'm not going to bother to repost the rumours and pictures but rather point you in their direction - > Warseer Rumours

I am however going to waffle on with some thoughts about these rumours. Firstly the pictures....

For a start, they are a bit too blurry to really make any thoughts about the new models, but we can speculate about the direction GW have gone. First port of call is the Dreadknight, which is basicly a Grey Knight wearing a blinged up loader suit off Aliens. If I'm honest, I'm not sure about this. The outline of the model is quite distinctive and I'm not too sure if it's a bit too tall for my tastes. I think it has a fair few conversion possibilites for it (I imagine Daemon players are getting excited for Soul Grinders and Daemon Princes based upon it). I think I shall reserve judgement until I can see some better pictures. Same goes for the codex cover, as you don't see much but it does however confirm that the codex is called Grey Knights. The army shot is interesting and I'm guessing that that's a two thousand point army, which is slightly bigger model count wise than I thought. Other than that you can't really make out any details apart from that Grey Knights are getting Stormravens (which we already knew), Land Raider Crusaders (which is kind of expected) and the Dreadknights are very tall and will be hard to hide for LOS purposes (although fluffwise, why would they hide!).

Onto the rumours about the rules and oh boy this does sound like a very powerful codex. Not surprising as it's rumoured that Matt Ward has put pen to paper and written the codex. A lot of people will be grinding their teeth about Matt being the codex author but I'm not as I was quite pleased with the Marine and Blood Angel codexes. I do think it's a shame that we know from past experiance that this codex will either be really overpowered or will have some combo which is silly, but that's part of what GW does and has done for years, so I'm not worrying. The rumours look very nice and one of the first things that sprung to mind when reading them were the Pre-heresy Thousand Sons and I can see the codex being used for a converted army in this aspect. The rumours also suggest that the Grey Knights may struggle against horde styled armies (ie Imperial Guard) whilst I think they will be very strong against Marine armies. Time will tell but I think that this is going to be a very nice release depending on how well the models are recived.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Greenskin Anger - Why?

The black boxes containing the Orcs and Goblin releases, have been sent out to GW stores and people have been starting to get a good look at them. This of course has been leaked out upon the net and we've started getting fairly good breakdowns about what has changed in the new book. Unfortuantly, most of the comments have been quite negative for some reason. The comments range from not liking the Hardback army book because it's too heavy to that GW has taken away the Waaggh + Power Scroll win function with the army.

Now I was lucky enough to see the book and new models eariler and I can say this, they are very, very nice. The book is very nice and seems to be of high quality and it's layed out in a simular way as the WFB rulebook. I didn't get to read too much mainly as I want to enjoy the book when I get my copy but all the rumours floating around are true. Whilst many of the changes aren't really a surprise, I was slightly disapointed with the magic items in the book as the pool has been shrunken down to eight items which range in cost between 50 points to 100 points. My main disapointment is that we will see more of the same combos, but too be honest we do now due to some magic items being too good so purhaps this isn't that bad.

Onto the models and I got to see the Savage Orcs and the Arachnarok and both kits are nice. The Arachnarok is massive but looks to be a joy to assemble apart from there seems to be very small contact points for the model the attached to the base (note - the base is massive and can be likened to a movement tray!). There is loads of detail on the model and I can see it being a massive seller for GW (as I can see 40K Tyranid and Daemon players pinching it for conversions). The Savage Orcs are very nice as well and the kit has plenty of options, I was quite pleased with the Musician who has a Cold One Skull as a drum!

Anyway, I still can't see why people are moaning. I don't care that the book is hardback or softback as long as it's enjoyable to read and (hopefully) doesn't have too many mistakes in it. It's not going to cause me any physical strain from carrying it (which oddly enough some people have said is why they dislike it) and it's not that much more than a older army book (and I'm sure to buy something simular from another source like RPGs would cost around £30). The army hasn't changed too much and is still the same random silly army. Yes GW have moved things around and recosted some things, but then they need to do that to sell models. My only real disapointments have been the lack of infantry forest goblins and the magic items (mainly as I like cheap items and it would be cool to have some Goblin bosses with some trinkets).

So what do you guys think about the release?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday Warhammer Woes (plus Waaggh)

So you know how I mentioned that I moved my hobby room around and had a sweet setup near the window for painting? Well, my wife has mentioned that she doesn't like it and as most married hobbists know rather than argue the point of the benefits of being near the window, it's easier to move everything around. Whilst this sounds like a moan, it isn't really as it's about half an hours bit of work (thanks to the mass tidyup I did) and my wife is rather supportive about my hobby, although she did bet me £10 I wouldn't paint up all my models by the end of the year.

Which brings me onto my next subject....

Yes that's the new Orc army book. It's up for Advance Order on the GW site, and it looks interesting. It's a hardback book which has 112 pages of full colour lovelyness. Moneywise, it's not that much more that the current army books (about five quid) and it seems to fit in with the 8th ed army book style. The new models look nice, especially the Arachnarok (which is good as Spiders freak me out) and if I'm honest I do have a 8th ed buzz at the moment, although I am going to loose my bet with my wife. I'm also quite pleased as nobody in my gaming group plays with the greenskins and I don't think anybody at my club plays with them so it should be a very fun experiance. That or it's going to be at a simular power level as Daemons and Skaven and I'll be loathed by everybody

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Too Many Models....

So after my last post, I was all excited about painting and getting some models done, so I thought I would have a sort out and tidy up my hobby room. So I moved my desk over to the window so I would make best use of the natural light and could open the window when it gets hot (for some reason the room becomes a sauna) and I decided to sort out my 'junk' as my wife puts it. Like most wargamers I tend to horde but I don't do this on purpose. I see some new models and I decide I want to paint them or collect an army of them and then I get distracted by the next new thing. I haven't made a list of what I have but I have the good core elements for a Warhammer Skaven, Lizardman and Ogre Kingdom army along with a starting point for a Ork army for 40K (not counting my Daemons). My plan is at the moment to try and paint some of these things up (or sell them on ebay) rather than buy new models. I'm quite keen to do something Warhammer related just to try and get me excited about the game again. I think I'll try and get something painted up for the Midlands Open which is in July and about a 10 minute drive from my house. But I just couldn't believe the amount of models I have!