Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Mummy Dearest

So it's been over a week since I last posted a 'hobby' entry (and I use that in the vaguest terms) and during this time I've been dabbling away with other models after getting upset and crying about assembling Tomb King Skeletons. Well that dabbling turned into a dribble and then that turned into nothing as I found myself being drawn back to Tomb kings again. So I decided to wait until a few more rumours started popping up and I've been playing Fallout New Vegas and re-reading some Horus Heresy books (currently working my way through Mechanicum which is a brilliant book).

Anyway, whilst trawling through the rumours about the forth coming army of dead things, a couple of rumours seem to be popping up...

1. ) Around 24th of March we should see some more sneak peeks / Rumours

2. ) It's been said several times that there will be no new Tomb King Skeletons, but there a theory about this. There has been semi confirmed rumours of new Tomb Guard models, which has lead some people to come to the conclusion that they will become the new skeletons (i.e. replace the Skeleton entries in the list but basicly be skeletons with WS3 and a fancy name).

3. ) Excitingly, there has been rumours about Mummies making a return, which has some people thinking that they will fill the role of the old Tomb Guard in the army but will be Toughness 4 and possibly with multiple wounds (and most likely Flammable!).

As a gamer and collector, I'm very excited about this release and I'm really looking forwards to the release now!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

UK Throne of Skulls Format Change

Whilst the internet is getting excited or angry about the new Grey Knights (which are getting mixed reviews), I've noticed something interesting in how GW are running the Throne of Skulls event in the UK later on this year. If you have a look at the 40K Throne of Skulls October 2011 event information, you'll notice that it states that the games will be 1750 points rather than 1500. But then if you have a read of the rules pack, it still states that the event is 1500 points. Being the curious person I am, I dropped a mail off to the events team at Warhammer World to get some more information and over a few emails, I have been able get some information out of them.

The event is indeed 1750 points and it appears that this change is to try and make people feel that they are getting value for money for the amount of games that they are playing. At the moment the event is run at five games for the weekend, but some folks would like a six game event, but GW decided against it due to a lot of people not wanting six games due to travelling home. So the event is still five games but you get to play slightly bigger games.

It also seems that GW have been listening to people and are adding a Ranking element to the scoring which will have a two-fold impact. Firstly, it lets you find out how well you did, so you can mock your mates when you do better than them (and so they can ridicule you when they do better). Secondly and importantly, the event will no longer be having random draws and you will be drawn against players who have done as well as yourself in the previous rounds. This is quite a welcome change as it means quite simply that you get to play players of a simular ability as yourself and in theory should have a fun weekend.

What's quite important about these changes is that it proves that GW are actually listening to their customers and trying to give them something that they want. Personally whilst the event is expensive, I'm quite tempted to go to one (either 40K or WFB) and I think that they will encourage quite a few players back by these little changes.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Plastic Toys

So in my last update I mentioned that I was going to be joining The Wahammer Forum Painting Support Group and having a go at painting some Tomb King things ready for the release in May. Well a week later and I've had a bit of time to have some dabbling with some plastic kits.

Since the grand tidy up of my hobby room, I've been itching to start doing some hobby stuff but haven't been able to due to work. So I got a chance this week with a couple of evening free. My first dabble was with a Warmachine Menoth battle group as I picked up one of the plastic sets a while ago. I was quite impressed with the kit but I'm not a massive fan of the models and got bored quickly. I quite like Warmachine but I'm enjoying Warhammer and 40K too much at the moment. Next I dabbled with some Chaos Space Marines I had lying around and I couldn't believe the difference between the plastic kits made a few years ago and now. The CSM's I had were probably four or five years old and I had picked them up with the intention of doing a Chaos Marine army, and as usual I got distracted and they have been lying around since now. Whilst I was assembling them I just couldn't believe the difference between them and the new kits. Next time you moan about the cost of a plastic kit, think about all the old ones you had to do with their mismoulds and vague details (think the old Skaven Clanrats with the mismoulded feet!)!

So eventually I popped into my local GW and picked up a box of Tomb King Skeletons, scurried back home and looked forwards to assembling them whilst my wife got her soap fix of Eastenders and Corrie. Now the Tomb King Skeletons are basicly the old Skeleton kit which is nearly ten years old, with a upgrade sprue to make them Khemrian. Now I've been in the hobby for many years and I assembled some of the old old skelenton's (4th edition) and if I remember right they were quite fun to assemble but fragile. So I start on the kit and start cleaning up all the parts which whilst fiddly I didn't mind too much, but then came the gluing. Now over the years you learn when gluing models together, less is more and you can usually tell the age and skill of a modeller by the amount of glue that is applied to the model. So armed with my poly cement with a long metal nozzel (makes it easier to apply the glue where you want it), I started gluing my models. I'm usually quite a calm person with a great deal of patience but gluing these models made me a wee bit angry. Even after a break to watch Benidorm I was still livid when I came to finish off the models. The main issue I had was the fact that the contact points for the joins are very very small, which overall makes the model fragile and me angry (especially after holding it a few minutes to help it set) and I started adding more and more glue.

So after I recovered from the glue fumes and had a nights sleep, I've decided to leave off them for the moment and wait and see what GW do with the new plastic kits (wherever they are released in May or later on). I've got a stash of models to get through so I'll find something to keep me occupied (at least until I get distracted by Grey Knights).

Also earlier this week, my copy of the Orc and Goblin book came through the post. If I'm honest, this is the best Warhammer Armies book I have ever owned. The quality of the actual book is brilliant and it brings back memories of being a kid with Beano Annuals. The whole thing is in colour and it isn't just a cut and paste job of the old book or the background from the rulebook, as each section has been revisited. It's a lovely book and I'm looking forwards to the new ones. I'm not going to do a review of the list as they will be popping up everywhere anyway (especially Bad Dice Podcast) but I honestly can not see what all the moaning was about. The list isn't perfect and there's a few things I personally don't like (such as points costs of some units, Waaggh and the small range of magic items), but these don't make me want to burn all my models and have a massive moan. If you think about it, most things have probably been costed correctly and through first glance I haven't seen anything glaringly broken (although unsurprisingly Savage Orcs are a good buy). I think most greenskin players will be happy and I think all warhammer players should be looking forwards to when they get their armies redone with a new book.