Friday, 22 April 2011

Road to the Open and the rest of the year

So it’s the start of the first of many Bank Holidays in the UK and I’m taking time to have a sit and think about the Midlands Open. The Midlands Open is a tournament being run by my local club, The Dudley Darklords at the end of July. I went last year and it was a fantastic event and a nice send off to the 7th edition of Warhammer.

My original plan was to knock up an army of Tomb Kings as I quite like the new models and the new rules seem interesting. This has been broadsided by the fact that I’ve lost interest in assembling the Skeleton Warriors and Archers. In fact lost interest doesn’t really describe how I feel as I currently HATE the models. Between mold lines and the flimsy joins I’ve given up (for now) assembling them and I’ve moved onto something else to amuse me whilst I wait for the book.

Speaking of the book, I managed to have a look at it earlier today. Expect a similar layout and style as the Orcs and Goblins book and the rules look quite nice as well. What was quite interesting was that I was in the store with another guy who was reading the book and he was a Tomb King player and had been for many years. He wasn’t that impressed with the book as I think he was expecting something which was a similar power level as Daemons and Dark Elves. He also wasn’t impressed with many of the weapon options and was very unhappy with the new magic (especially now Heirophants can miscast). Personally the book looks nice and fits in more with the 8th edition rules. I’m expecting all of the new books to follow the new format and have lots of cool stuff but not be too over the top.

Back to my evil plans and the rest of the year is panning out between a battle of work, certain computer games coming out (LA Noire and Batman:Arkham City!), and events I want to go to. I defenantly want to squeeze in a couple more Warhammer tournaments as well as a couple of 40K ones

Monday, 11 April 2011

Storm of Magic

So I've had quite a nice weekend not involving too much work and I ended up actually having some recreational time to myself! This consisted of me getting angry assembling Tomb King Skeletons (I haven't got the knack yet) and going out for a mate birthday (Real Ales and Casino, whoo!). I quite enjoyed it as my Fantasy bug is really starting to come back, which is good as I have the Midlands Open in a few months.

Anyway, it looks like GW are starting to chuck out Warhammer releases this year and over the summer we are getting a Storm of Magic. I've added the blurb off the website below, but you'll need to join the GW site to see the sneak peeks....

Storm of Magic - when the eight winds howl...

The Winds of Magic are tumultuous. Drawn by Morrslieb, they are prone to rise from a strong gale into a howling tempest. And when they do no kingdom or realm is safe.

Monsters awaken from their slumber and are summoned from their lairs at the bidding of sorcerous masters. Armies assemble, ready to defend their borders or seize the opportunity to gain limitless power. It is in these desperate times tenuous pacts between wizards and creatures of darkness are sealed to create alliances never thought possible.

A time of doom and great deeds is at hand. Will you rise to meet the storm?

Announcing the impending arrival of Storm of Magic, the latest and largest Expansion for Warhammer, the Game of Fantasy Battles. Launched in July 2011, Storm of Magic describes what happens when great eldritch maelstroms roil across the lands. Magic becomes far more powerful and there is a whole range of Cataclysm spells to cast, unleashing untold devastation on the enemy. Arcane Fulcrums burst from the ground, not only acting as loci for the swirling energies that pervade a battle fought amidst the Storm of Magic, but changing the way a Warhammer tabletop looks and interacts with your armies. With such things so crucial to your Storm of Magic games a new range of Warhammer scenery and Wizards will soon be released in time for you to wage cataclysmic battles.

Then there are the monsters. When the Winds of Magic blow with such strength, the fell creatures of the world gravitate towards the tempest, slithering from deep tunnels or emerging from mountain lairs.

With the new Expansion allowing you to use so many different creatures there are a whole host of new monstrous plastic kits on their way. Citadel's queen of creatures, Trish Morrison, has spent the last few years in her own lair preparing for the new monsters to be unleashed upon the world.

Personally I think this is great, as they are doing something different to keep the game interesting, plus we are getting a load of new plastic monsters! Hopefully we will see some more generic magic items as well as some new scenarios and methods to upscale magic in large games. Also with the new monsters, suggests that we may see a monster ally list or there will be spells to transform or summon monsters. Unfortuantly I can see a lot of people moaning about this dumbing down the game, but what do they know. Warhammer is great and I think 8th is the best version (minus some minor tweaks).

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Real Life Hates Wargaming!

As you are probably quite aware, I haven't posted for a few weeks and it's not because I've got nothing to write about but rather the lack of time. Over the last few weeks I've been busy doing my day job as a Server Engineer working on many projects (we are having a massive infrastructure change at the moment plus the team I work in is down to half strength), as well as being busy doing my part-time job as delivery boy/dogs body for my wife's florist shop (it was Mother's Day last week and it was mental!!!).

It’s been quite a few busy weeks in Wargaming land and these things have caught my interest….

Tomb Kings!

Yup, Tomb Kings. I realise that you may be bored with me going on about them but GW have put the book and new models up for Advance Order. The book looks similar to the Orc book (hardback) and the new models look nice. The big Warshinxes are lovely models as are the Stalkers/knights (which look a lot better in real life that the pictures). I’ve ordered the book and I’m attempting to assemble some models for the army but failing and getting annoyed. Whilst I like the new models GW is bringing out, I wished that they were releasing some new plastic skeletons!!!

Grey Knights

Grey Knights are now out and it’s a lovely codex backed up with some nice models. I do feel that the release didn’t have much bang to it but I suspect that was down to details of the book getting leaked quite a few months before the release. It’s a nice list and I can see a lot of potential with it. I’m only slightly disappointed with them as I was expecting a bit more work with the background of the army as well as seeing different colour schemes for the eight brotherhoods.

Magic comes to Maelstrom

Maelstrom Games is starting to stock Magic the Gathering. I’ve been wondering when they would get round to doing this as they have a fantastic shop for holding events in. Hopefully we will start seeing some events being run as I do actually quite like card games like Magic.

I also now need to start getting ready for the Midlands Open, a local event being run by my club, The Dudley Darklords (which I need to attend more than I actually do!). At the moment the only painted army I have is my Chaos Daemons but they need some work to make them into a proper 8th edition army. I do have a back out plan, but I would like to have something painted myself. So expect to see some random posts about a new army over the next few weeks (probably Tomb Kings assuming that I don’t get too angry with mold lines and fragile skeleton plastics!).

See you soon ;)