Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Not moaning - honest!

So it's been a while since I've posted anything in this blog. As usual real life has gotten in the way but it has also been complicated with that I just haven't had anything to write about either through writers block or plain lazyness.

Anyway, it looks like GW has upset the whole world if you looked at the internet. To sum it up if you weren't aware, GW are basically doing the following...

1 ) Stopping EU webstores such as Maelstrom Games from selling to the rest of the world, so basically upsetting all Australians as they can't get discounted GW stuff (as their stuff costs almost double ours)

2 ) Introducing prise rises in general

3 ) Replacing metal models with resin which if you read the internet will kill you

Now, quite simply while annoying I personally am not going to get upset about any of this. The price rises mean I will do less impulse buying from GW (which I've started to do anyway) and I'm quite looking forwards to the new resin models as I hate metal models. Also living in the UK means I'm not effected by the mandate GW has given the webstores (although I do sympathise).

There’s no point dwelling too much on this as GW have implemented it and too be honest, their price rises and other changes do make sense for a company on the stock market which needs to be making money. Yes we can point out the competition but they are all privately owned and don’t need to show that they are making money, while GW need to.

So the Finecast/Resin models are here to stay and I’m quite looking forwards to them. It means less pinning and the models seem to have better quality of detail looking at the pictures on the GW site (although this could just be new molds for the models doing this).

Although I’m looking forwards to the new ‘metals’ are you? Please let me know what you think.