Monday, 4 July 2011

GW Customer Service = Good

So my last entry had me moaning that GW don't listen to their customers and are out of touch with things. Well I had a email today which proves me wrong. Lets travel back in time to a couple of weeks ago.....

So it's the last week of June and I've just come back off holiday and I was expecting my subscriber copy of White Dwarf to be waiting for me. It wasn't so I just assumed that it was delayed in the post. A few days drift by and still no White Dwarf but I've noticed some posts on several forums saying that GW was changing how they release things. The general jist was that the stores and WD would be the first stop for all information but anybody subscribing wouldn't get their White Dwarf before the offical release date and it would be posted on that date. I chose to ignore this as frankly there's been a lot of GW hate recently and I just assumed that this was part of it. So a few more days drift past and it's Saturday when WD comes out so I decide to pop to my local to see if there are any issues. I spoke to the manager who basicly told me the same information that has been posted on the web and I can honestly say I wasn't very happy at all. It's one thing for this to happen but it's another for it to happen and not be told about it.

So the weekend drifts past and I find out that I'm still annoyed so I email GW Customer Services asking the same question - Has there been any issues with WD for subscribers. I get a reply back telling me about the change and to contact them if it doesn't turn up in a few days. In reply I tell them that I will contact them if it doesn't turn up and that I'm very unhappy with the way that none of this has been communicated to their customers. My WD turns up a few days later and I basicly drift back into normal life and getting used to not being on holiday.

Then today I get a email from GW saying that they are very sorry about how I feel and welcome the feedback I have given. As a form of apology they have offered me 12 months free subscription and a £20 gift voucher. Unsurprising I accepted this but it does make me feel a bit better that GW are actually interested in my views on things. So if you have any problems with any GW products, give Mail Order a call (or email) and they will help you out (although please keep your comments civil and not just say things are rubbish because you don't like them. Oddly enough you may not get a reply or much help).

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Stop - Rumour Time (or maybe not)

So it's been a while since I've posted anything and too be honest I've had other things distracting me than the hobby. Anyway, since I last wrote quite a few things have happened but there is one thing I one to blabble on about for a few minutes - GW News Control.

As most folks are finding out GW are clamping down on when and where information gets released about their products. Now normally I wouldn't have a issue with this as frankly, their rumour control over recent years has been quite poor, often with fully finished codexes appearing on the web months before release. But now I feel GW have gone a bit too far with clamping down on things. For those of you who aren't aware, GW have decided that their stores and WD are the first stops for any information about their products. Which is fair enough but they have stopped with the black boxes so you don't see the new products until they have been released and as far as I'm aware they have even stopped releasing teasers on the web.

Now some of you may be thinking "Well that's okay as over the last few years we've known rules about new books/codexes before they have come out". Whilst I do agree with you, there is one thorny issue - The staff don't know anything about the new releases until they are out. I was down my local the other day and I was chatting to one of the staffers and he was struggling to tell me much about the new Storm of Magic release apart from what was already on the web and in WD. Now as a customer this is quite bad as I want to know what cool things are coming out and think it's a bit silly I can't until it's out. Also I've discovered that when you make an Advance Order with GW, it won't be posted until the release date. The reason for this is to try and stop people finding out about things before the release but this just makes me not want to advance order from GW and buy from a Webstore (which in the past I would AO from GW just so I got my toys quickly).

From what I gather, GW has had a change of management in the sales area and looking at these changes they just seem to be out of touch with their customers or the 21st century. What do you think?