Monday, 19 December 2011

Dabbling with Chaos, Thrones of Skulls and things

So after my last update in October I have mostly been distracted with real life. Even though I have been suffering from this condition that many Wargamers get, I have still been thinking about the hobby and decided I would like to try and do more events next year. Unfortunately, I can't decide if I want to do 40K or Warhammer!

So I've decided to see what goodies Santa brings in a few days as that will help focus me and what I want to do (it probably won't but I'm optimistic!). In the meanwhile I think I will post up somethings I have been thinking about using at events. One event I think I would like to do next year is one of the GW Throne of Skull events. When GW originally changed the format of the tournament from a competitive one with three heats and a final to a seasonal gaming weekend, many people voted with their feet and didn't go to them. But over the last year the events have been building up a steady following and reputation and are now quite popular.

One list I've wanted to do for a while is one of the token net Chaos lists as they look like fun and fairly quick to paint up. The first one I'll talk about is the Dreaded Lash Net list.

The Lash list is fairly simple in terms of what is in the list but is actually quite tricky to use and is made up of three elements....

1) The Lash(s) - Slaaneshi Daemon Princes with the Lash of Submission power
2) The Guns - Lots of Obliterators
3) The Deck Chairs - Units from the Troops section of the codex to sit on objectives

The Lash list used to dominate 4th edition games but with the advent of True Line of Sight in 5th edition and the newer codexes, the list fell out favor but I think it still has some mileage. So in a 1500 point event, I decided upon the following list.....

Daemon Prince with Wings, Mark of Slaanesh and Lash of Submission
Daemon Prince with Wings, Mark of Slaanesh and Lash of Submission

3 Terminator with two Combi-meltas and Transported by a Land Raider with Dozer Blade

10 Chaos Space Marines with two Meltaguns
10 Chaos Space Marines with two Meltaguns

Heavy Support
1 Land Raider with Dozer Blade
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators

The idea behind the list is that the Daemon Princes use the Land Raiders as cover and around turn two or three jump out and Lash stuff. The Terminators and Obliterators then shoot the Lashed units while the Chaos Marines hide in the Land Raiders to jump out when needed.

I tried to keep the list simple as it's rumoured that we will be seeing a new Chaos Codex next year, plus it makes it easy to use when at an event playing different players and armies. Anything complicated is no good for me unless I have played it over and over again. It also slightly goes against the Internet saying that you need at least six Obliterators but I'm hoping that the extra Land Raider and Terminators help fulfill that role.

So what do you think?