Thursday, 12 January 2012

40K 6th edition leak - Being Grownup and admitting to being wrong

One of the key things of being a grownup is being able to admit to being wrong. In fact it's a lesson we try and teach our young from a early age, but while many people don't like to admit they have made a mistake, I do. Yesterday, without looking at the PDF of the leak about the 6th edition rules and just reading the summary from various websites, I cried foul play and said the thing was fake. After reading the PDF this morning, I'm happy to say I'm wrong and this does look most likely the real deal. However I will add that this leak is most likely either a very early playtest copy or something Games Development have been working on as a possible direction to take the game in.

Reading the document, it looks very similar to the leaked 5th edition rules which appeared 4/5 years ago and the kicker is the codex FAQ which helps make this more believable. I still like the rules and the game seems to be improved if it heads in this direction but being older and knowledgeable of the ways of the world, I'm still skeptical if this is what we will see this summer.

The question is though, if this is the real deal - Why has it been leaked now. Is this some kind of mad marketing ploy by GW to generate interest virally or in a similar way Apple seem to control and release information. Is it a way to see how the internet gamers react to the changes and make any last minute tweaks or is it somebody actually being careless or stupid and leaking the information to be 'cool'. What do you think?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

What a load of Hogswash? Warhammer 40K 6th Edition Leak???

The whole internet (in the eyes of wargamers), is full of comments, thoughts, and discussions about a supposed leak of a playtest copy of the 6th edition of Warhammer 40,000. You can make you own mind up by having a look at a nice summary from Frontline Gaming of the rules (or even try and find the PDF on various torrent sites).

I'll let you make your mind up about it but I thought I would post my thoughts and views about the leak and the rules.

The Rules
I haven't seen the PDF of the rules, so I'm going off the summary and I can say that I think that these are FAKE. It's very difficult to piece together the summary as a ruleset as you are taking quickly written sentences and weaving them into a framework that works as a ruleset for a miniature game you have been playing for years, but these seem fake to me. I'll have a proper look at the PDF at some point but this reminds me of the Fake Blood Angel Codex from a couple of years ago, which seemed quite plausible until you got to the Vampire Bat Riders.

I will say that there seems to be some interesting ideas here but I would expect to see something more in the vein of the change from 7th to 8th edition fantasy, than what is being proposed here.

The Leak
As I'm fairly sure that these rules are Fake, and could be to do the following....

  • This leak is to try and show up any playtesters who have been wispering things about up coming releases. As per my blog entry last week about the Hobbit Game, this may be an exercise by GW to show that they have control over their playtesters.
  • It's a piece of work by somebody new to Games Development who were asked what changes they would do to 40K. This would then be discussed by the rest of Games Development and management to see what ideas they could use or if the person who wrote it was suitable for their job.
  • This is a promotional exercise to see what people think about some of the changes. However I think this may be unlikely as the game is scheduled for a summer release (or so we assume) and it seems a bit late to be testing the water about rule changes. Especially when we didn't get the same treatment with Warhammer Fantasy.
  • Its a hoax by somebody who has put a lot of time and effort into seeing how far they can get it to go
So Fake rules methinks but what do you think?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dabbling with Warriors of Chaos - Part II

So yesterday I posted up a army list I was using in a couple of games against my mate Stevyn. He decided to give the Ogre Kingdoms a go as he was curious about the army and he used very roughly the following....

Slaughtermaster with 4+ Ward and Lore of Maw
BSB with Heavy Armour and Ironfist

5 Ironguts with Full Command and Flaming Banner
9 Bulls with Ironfists and Full Command
4 Leadblechers
2 x 1 Sabertusks
1 Stonehorn

When I saw he was using this list I was actually quite worried. The Stonehorn would smash my units up unless I could take it out and I knew if the Ogre Blocks could get the charge on me then I would be in trouble. I'm not going to do a battle report as Stevyn made a few rule mistakes and my tactical genius was helped out by Stevyn Miscasting in the first game which killed his Slaughtermaster and allowed me to finish off his army. In the second game, I went round casting Infernal Gateway on everything. I think I may have ruined his hobby and seem to have put him off Ogres for the time being. We chatted afterwards and I suggested that he should have taken a couple of Iron Blasters which would have probably completely changed the games.

So onto my list and how I thought it performed...

Chaos Sorcerer Lord
I was quite pleased with the Chaos Sorcerer Lord and I was impressed with the Lore of Death on him. The lore has a nice selection of spells which are useful against most armies, and the lore attribute means I get chance to generate more power dice which is nice. I think he would have been better as a Level four wizard but when points were tight I had to make difficult choices. His magic items were useful as he did end up in combat and the Fencer Blades and Talisman meant he didn't take too much damage.

Tzeentch Sorcerer on Disk
Again another unit I was impressed with and he was the star of my second game. Getting +3 to cast meant he got his spells off with no problems and he only took one wound over both games due to Leadblechers shooting at him. He could do with another couple of toys to make him a bit more useful (such as Death's Head magic item or Bloodcurdling roar gift).

Chaos Warriors
Nice big block of a unit which can take a lot of damage until Stevyn read the rules wrong for the Bull Charge and applied a few too many Impact hits (which when being reassured by your mate and not wanting to cause an argument you let slide). The unit worked as a bunker for the Sorcerer Lord but it needed a combat character and unit champion. I was pleased with the unit and it only suffered trying to wound things which were high toughness.

Chaos Knights
These guys were great although I used them very poorly in both games. They could take a lot of damage and dish it out but they needed to combo charge together to get better results.

It buffed the Chaos Warriors a couple of times which was useful but I think I needed to have either two of them or a Hellcannon.

Overall I was pleased with the list but I know it's not the best list at this points level. The list needs a BSB as well as unit champions in any unit with Characters. The list could also do with some more support units to block up things or divert them, as I found I was playing very defensively. It has given me food for thought and I'm quite tempted to put together a Chaos Army now!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Dabbling with Warriors of Chaos

So for a change from my recent posts, I thought I would give my blog some Warhammer Fantasy love. Later on today I have my first game of the year against my mate Stevyn as through stroke of luck I'm able to finish work early and he's off work for the day and we've agreed to have a game of Warhammer. As I'm thinking about starting a new army and currently enjoying messing around with smaller point games, we've decided to have a 1500 point game (hopefully games but depends on how much time we have).

I've been getting a bit bored with my Daemons in Warhammer recently as they seem to be all about the big blocks and what support buffs you can get for them. So in a slight change, I've decided to give the Warriors of Chaos a go (which is great as it's really easy to proxy up with my Daemons). After some thought I decided to bring a list which is a bit of a all rounder, which is good as I have no idea what Stevyn is using. My list is ....

Sorcerer Lord - 320 pts (General)
with Fencer's Blades, Talisman of Preservation, Favor of the Gods, Knows The Lore of Death

Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch - 185 pts
with Disc of Tzeentch, Golden Eye of Tzeentch, Knows The Lore of Tzeentch and is a Level 2 Wizard

23 Chaos Warriors - 401 pts
with Shields, Musician and Standard. Has Standard of Discipline

5 Chaos Knights - 230 pts
with Musician and Standard

5 Chaos Knights - 230 pts
with Musician and Standard

1 Chaos Warshrine, 130 pts

As you can see its very compact! As usual with all Warriors of Chaos lists, the army revolves around magic support hence the two sorcerers. With the tight points, it's been very tricky to fit things in but I have come up with a list I'm happy with. With the Sorcerer Lord being not too shabby in combat anyway, the Fencer's Blades should give him a slight edge by making him more difficult to hit (and easy to hit back) as well as an extra attack. The Talisman gives him a 4+ Ward Save and the Favor of the Gods allows him and his unit get more favorable rolls from the Eye of the Gods table. I chose the Lore of Death as it has a nice selection of spells ranging from a couple of pokey spells for picking out characters to massive unit effecting spells (like purple sun!). The Tzeentch sorcerer is there to deal with support units either through magic or charging (in very last chance scenarios!).

The core of the army is a block of warriors with shields. This unit is to house the general as well as provide a very hard anvil unit which is tough to kill and hits hard. The magical standard means my general is Leadership 9 which should be good. I would have preferred a BSB to also sit in this unit but I felt a mobile unit (the sorcerer) would be more useful. Out on the flanks will be the Knights and I will use these as support for the Warriors rather than shock cavalry. They are more than capable of taking out similar sized units or charging straight at a missile unit without suffering much damage! Lastly I chose a Warshrine as it's great for buffing my army as well as a capable fighting model in it's own right.

I'll post up later how the army did and what changes I would make but I have a feeling I should win my game as long as I don't get carried away with charging things off! What do you think about the army?

Friday, 6 January 2012

Games Workshop in 40% profit rise shocker!

I was going to do a quick overview of what I think of some of the upcoming Vampire rumors as the new toys are up for pre-order tomorrow but this has caught my attention and I thought it would be nice to write about it. So it may come as a shock to the internet gaming community considering the general negativity towards Games Workshop since they raised prices last year, introduced Finecast and brought out Dreadfleet. Even with all these "negative" changes, GW have announced a 40% rise in profits. Here's a link to an article on but I have copied it below for those too lazy to click (and it makes it easier to reference when I say what I think).

"Games Workshop, the maker of the Warhammer battle games, has demonstrated the benefit of its global strategy by delivering a 40 per cent leap in half-year pre-tax profits.

The Nottingham-based manufacturer and retailer's shares surged by almost 9 per cent to their highest level since the spring of 2005.

The maker of Citadel Miniature soldiers hailed a growth across all its channels and territories, including the UK, North America and Asia, although its revenues fell in Australia and continental Europe.

Games Workshop, which also has eponymous shops, grew its pre-tax profits by two-fifths to £9.5 million for the six months to 28 November, on revenues up by 5 per cent to £62.7 million.

The group generates more than 70 per cent of its sales outside the UK, and has global appeal amongst hobbyists, who collect, build and paint its miniatures and play war games with them.

Mark Wells, chief executive of Games Workshop, said: "An encouraging first-half performance in which we have delivered growth in sales, profit and return on capital from our core business. Good progress has been made on our strategic initiatives."

The group has more than 130 Games Workshop stores in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia and Benelux regions.

The group's results also benefited from a large royalty payment it received from the games manufacturer THQ after the launch of its Space Marine computer game.

Shares in Games Workshop jumped by 40p, or 8.9 per cent, to 490p, valuing the group at £154.7 million."

So firstly this is good news, especially considering the state of the world economy at the moment and GW are very much a niche hobby. It's also interesting to see that while the internet gaming community have been very negative about somethings GW have done, it doesn't seem to have had a big impact on things and that GW do actually seem to know what they are doing. From a customer point of view, I'm hoping that this will either lead to Games Workshop providing some stability with their prices and we start to see some of this profit invested into new ranges or re-releases of cool old games (like Blood Bowl!!!).

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nostalgia and Gamesday 2012

When I was a wee lad and I got into 40K, boxed sets used to have covers like this....

So I'm quite excited about the upcoming Gamesday minature...

Better pictures in this months White Dwarf, which is out Saturday (as well as news about the new Vampire Counts and preorders for them)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Hobbit & Speculation about the Rumor Clamp Down

Happy New Year everybody! Like many folks I've been distracted by real life over the festive period and I'm hoping that I can stick to one of my new year resolutions by updating this blog more. Anyway, here is a tasty titbit I've noticed whilst playing catch up with all the things going on over Christmas and New Year (I was tempted to do a Vampire Counts post but to be honest there is a really good rumor round up on Dakka Dakka which does a better job than me!)

So during a break this morning at work and a horrible cup of coffee, I noticed the following off Bell of Lost Souls, which in turn is taken from their forums (which in turn was pinched from Warseer)...

"At the Las Vegas Throne of Skulls, staff and regional reps stated the lockdown is due to one thing.

The Hobbit

That was what was stated in a Q&A they had at the end of the tournament. When GW re-upped their license to cover the new movie, they were forced to accept a one week info window. The design studio has had full access to scenes and images from the new movie. MGM does not want any info released early on the movie and required GW to demonstrate they can keep a fairly tight lid on info and images coming out of the studio. No one at GW likes it, but given how much money LotR made for them, they decided it was worth it. Any money loss due to reduced subscriptions or sales would be more than made up for with the Hobbit license.

Expect this format to stay around for at least two more years. Once the second Hobbit movie comes out, hopefully this silliness will end. "

This to be honest makes a lot of sense about the last year or so we have seen a decline in rumors. At first many people, including myself found it annoying but with hindsight I do think this is a good thing. This means that the product GW is producing is still new and fresh by the time it comes out, rather than many people being able to work out the in's and out's of a army release months before it comes out. The only thing I find quite annoying is the way they do advance orders now but that is another topic completely!

I do think it will be interesting to see how this lock down works with all the recent leaks, however these leaks are basically from copies of White Dwarf which are just leaving the printers or been sent out to subscribers early (mainly non-UK ones as we get treated like rubbish at the moment!).