Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Call to War

It's quite tricky writing blogs as you need to find the time to write about stuff as well as finding something interesting to write about. And if that's not enough, most people have real life poking and prodding in and getting in the way, which unfortunately has happened to me. I'm not going to go into details but I've been busy with work and me and I've had a few issues with family life generally getting me upset. So my wife turned around to me and gave me a response that most wargaming husbands desire to hear - "Why don't you go to a tournament and start playing more games with your toys as that cheers you up". So when presented with that, I did the only thing possible and signed myself up to an event!

Unfortunately I was in quite a tricky scenario as I quite like both Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battle at the moment (plus been quite curious about Lord of the Rings), so I had to make the choice between which system to play. With the 6th edition of 40K on the way, I thought it would be best to settle down and play Warhammer Fantasy for a bit. The one event I had my eye on was A Gathering of Might run by the North West Warriors gaming club, as it was a event at Warhammer World and the points level was 1500 points (which can actually be quite interesting), but I missed out on the last couple of places. So instead I've decided to go to A Call to War run by tournament veteran Will Goodwin.

A Call to War is Will's third or fourth event and from what I've heard it's well run and he puts a lot of effort into it (for example you get a players pack with all the lores of magic in it as well as lots of cheat sheets). The event is fairly straight forwards as it follows the European Team Championship (ETC) composition and is six games of pitched battle. I'll be honest in saying that I'm a bit skeptical about the ETC comp as I'm not sure it does a brilliant job of balancing the various books as some books seem quite uneffected with the changes and others seemed to have been victimized (such as Daemons of Chaos but then you can excuse them being victimized as they are still a good book with the changes!).

I've decided to update the blog with updates on how I'm getting on with the run up to the event, which will hopefully provide something interesting for people to read as well as hopefully help anybody out who has never been to a event before. So as this is basically a project to perform so work I need to decide on what I want as the end result, and I can only really think of a couple of things : To have a new painted army to play at event for the rest of the year and to finish around the middle which will be interesting as there are quite a few good players going!