Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rune of Witnessing - My 40K predictions for 2012

So a change of tact for today's ramblings, as I'm going to do some predicting for the 40K releases for the rest of the year. The reason for this is quite simply as GW has become really good at keeping all of it's forthcoming projects under wraps, the rumor mill has ground to a halt. Also I'm quite curious wherever I can guess correctly based upon what I know of GW.

So here are my predictions for what is coming out for the rest of 2012 for Warhammer 40,000. I want to stress that these aren't rumors and are guesses.

May 2012
This is probably the most difficult one as we are so close to seeing what GW will release anyway as White Dwarf is out next week. I have however seen some of the rumors that people have heard and too be honest I do agree with them. I think we will see a wave of Necron Models next month. The reason for this is quite simple, the main Necron release was about six months ago and it gives GW chance to get a second burst of sales for the range. I think we will see a couple of vehicle kits (the Scythes) and probably the Tomb Blades. I think then we will see some Finecast kits, most likely the Wraiths.

June 2012
For 40K I think that this will be a very quiet month as I'm expecting to see the 6th edition released in July. So for releases I would expect to see a couple of more Necron kits, most likely Special Characters and lots of hints about something special coming in July (i.e. the 6th edition)

July 2012
This is the month many people will have been waiting for! Warhammer 40K, 6th edition will hit the streets. I would expect to see what we have seen over the years and we will have a special edition copy (I guess £75-80), some special accessorizes (counters, measuring tools, dice) and of course the Hardback book majority of people will buy. Rules wise, I have no idea what we will see but I have a feeling that it will follow some of the trends set with the 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy (i.e. a section covering a lot of the special rules in one place and probably we will see percentages being used in list design) and we will see some FAQs to cover the changes for the codexes. I think we will see some big changes, and I expect to see lots of nods to the 1st and 2nd editions of the game (either in background or rules. For example we may see a Overwatch ability comeback in some form).

August 2012
This will be a quiet month for 40K as they will still be selling the new rulebook. I suspect that we will probably see some splash releases such as a squad and transport bundle. On another note, I'm going to stick my neck out and I see Team USA doing very well in the ETC (assuming that they are going this year of course!)

September 2012
This is UK Games Day month, so things get a bit squiffed in regards for releases. However I am expecting the first codex release of the 6th edition. At the moment all signs point towards this being Dark Angels (see white dwarf spine and the start paint set for clues). I'm expecting a Hardback Codex as the new Warhammer Army books have been well received in general and I'm expecting the Dark Angel theme to be a bit more focused about them not trusting anybody, including themselves! So in this I imagine we will see more Chaplains to keep an eye on everybody and we will probably see them as either a upgrade to a unit or as a wolfguard style unit.

October 2012
I'm expecting to see the boxed set out in October for a couple of reasons. Firstly we see half term in the UK, so a good reason bring a big release out as all the kids are off school and need to be entertained, but also because it allows GW to have big sales in what is seen as a quiet month. I'm expecting the box set to be Dark Angels and a Xeno race (either Eldar or Tau). Reasons for this is quite simply because I'm fairly sure we will see Dark Angels in the set to cover the Space Marine element in the set but I think we will see a alien race as their opponents rather than Chaos as the rumors suggest. Reason for this is that Chaos at the moment is a bit too similar to how Space Marines work, and I can't see GW changing them that drastically. Plus as well it shows players that this is a sci-fi game by having aliens in it rather than two factions which are very similar.

November 2012
November will herald the next Codex which I suspect will be the opposing faction in the boxed set (so with my guesses Tau or Eldar).

December 2012
This month will not have many new releases (apart from the Hobbit!) and will be set for GW to try and make a load of sales in time for Christmas.

So that's my guesses for the 40K release schedule for this year. So as a quick summary I'm expecting a Necron wave, 6th edition rules, Dark Angels, 6th edition boxed set and another 40K codex. This may be completely wrong as GW will also be doing another Warhammer Fantasy release and of course their game for the Hobbit film. I also wouldn't be surprised if we see another limited release but considering how poorly received Dreadfleet was, it will probably be a updated version of a back catalog game.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Project Panic - Day 1

So my ramblings today start with a title that really sounds like some sort of 60's evil scheme by a super villain on a remote island in a volcano. That description sounds a million times better than what this project is actually about.

As per usual, I have left my painting of my army to the last minute, but its not as bad as what usually happens. In fact over the years I seem to be slowly getting better and better. When I went to my first tournament (which was probably over 12 years ago), I was playing Blood Bowl and for some reason I left my painting to the last minute (laziness I think). What happened was, that I went out drinking with some friends the night before the tournament, before suddenly remembering that I had to paint my Orc Blood Bowl team! Somehow I managed to get it done in the nick of time and had a good time playing Blood Bowl all weekend.

Since then, I have been managing to start painting earlier and earlier, until I've managed to get to the stage where I've been trying to get things done months before the event. Unfortunately I haven't got anything finished and now with three weeks to go, I have to get my army assembled and painted. Having been in this position before many times, I'm not as worried as you might thing and I'm quite looking forward to the challenge (which is why I suspect I leave things to the last minute.). So I've decided to keep a mini blog (on my blog) to keep track of what I'm doing.

So with any project like this I have my set of rules/guidelines I try and stick to, otherwise things would be come difficult and frustrating. I covered this in a earlier entry (1st Quarter Round Up and Speed Painting) and they are a set of rules that have helped me well over the years.

So the first important thing is, what will I be painting. After some grumbling off me being bored with Daemons, I've gone back to them with open arms and I'm quite excited about starting a new army of them. With Call to War going with the 3rd Draft of the ETC Comp rules, I'm fairly happy that I can come up with a competitive but not cookie cutter list (and to be frank the first ETC draft basically forced you to go one way if you wanted to be competitive). I have a army planned out, which I'm 90% happy with and I've got the rest of this week to finalize the list before it needs to be submitted. I also have most of the models I need and I shall be making a start on them tonight. My plan is to get as much assembled this week and then I have next week to finish painting things (and as I have booked next week off work, I shouldn't be that rushed). So my cunning plan for this painting project is as follows....

Week 1 (16th April to 22nd April)
Assemble as much of my Daemon army as possible and finalize army list

Week 2 (23rd April to 29th April)
Paint the Army and hopefully have a couple of games

Week 3 (30th April to 3rd May)
Emergency Days in case things spill over

I have about 90-100 models to get done and get some Movement Trays finished and assuming that I don't get distracted I'm very confident that this will be done in time for the event. I'm even planning on doing a couple of extra units if I have the time to allow me some flexibility when it comes to my games in the future.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Eye is Bloodshot

So it's a couple of days after my game against Chris and it was a really fun and enjoyable game. Chris surprised my by using his Chaos Warrior army which is basically a horde of Marauders. Whilst initially worried due to the amount of units and models, I thought it would be good practise against such armies. Chris's army was basically three massive blocks of Marauders, a unit of Chaos Warriors, two units of Chaos Knights and four units of Warhounds. Everything had marks of Khorne or Slaanesh and he had chosen to be very character light, by only taking a Level three sorcerer using the lore of death and a Battle Standard with the lore of fire thanks to the book of secrets. He also had a Warshrine and a couple of chariots.

We played the standard battleline scenario and I put my army pretty much centrally, as this meant I would be facing down his marauder blocks and could hopefully charge through them. I then placed my Beasts of Nurgle and Flamers on my right flank to try and act as speedbumps for the knights. I won the roll of for first turn and I was very unsure what to do. I could go first and move everything up but I could force Chris to go first and then I could see what he was going to do on the flanks. In the end I rolled a dice as I was unsure what to do and gave Chris the first turn.

The battle pretty much went as follows....

# Chris charges a lone chariot into one of my bloodletter blocks in the hope of killing the herald. He succeeds and that chariot then somehow doesn't run away and keeps on killing off bloodletters. In the end it's killed but it has smashed up the bloodletter block, which then gets ground out by a combo charge by some Marauders and the Warshrine.
# I smash the rest of his marauder blocks up by charging up the centre
# We both roll quite low for magic during the game, but Chris still blows his BSB up (even with the help of puppet to change the roll!)
# My other Bloodletters and the Lord of Charge charge Chris's generals block and kill it. The Bloodletters run it down whilst I leave my Lord of Change in place as I thought he was safe and would help provide some leadership to the other unit of bloodletters.
# Chris reforms his Marauders fighting my mauled bloodletters, which gives his Warriors a path to rear charge my Lord of Change! Chris rolls highly and they get in and I fully expect to loose my general. Then it proceeds to kill all of the unit bar one model, but by then it's been flanked and is killed. Chris then mops up.

So Chris won in the end but it was very close as if I had have pursued with the Lord of Change, I would have probably won the game! It was good fun and I was actually impressed with my list as I wasn't expecting it to do that well. However we both agreed the Beasts of Nurgle are very over pointed for what they can do (look at Crypt Horrors which have almost the same stats but are less than half the points!). The unit has potential but it is just so expensive and has to compete against Flamers and Fiends which are more useful.

I really enjoyed our game and it's got me thinking about redoing my Daemon army now!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Eye is Open

So it's April now and I have a few weeks left to sort out what I'm taking to Call to War. I've been distracted by lots of other armies and messing around with different kits but I seem to be drawn back to Chaos, in particular Daemons. I had earlier mentioned that I was getting bored with my Daemons but I've had a change of heart, mainly as I'm off playing my mate Chris tonight and can't be bothered proxying up anything that much different to my pinkie winkies.

So what diabolical army of monsters do I bring to our game. Well we are using the South Coast GT comp which takes the slight edge off things people can take. In the case of my Daemons, I'm limited by the following....

# Can only add 2 Power Dice or Dispel Dice to its magic dice
pool in each magic phase. This includes channelling
# Flamers of Tzeentch 0 – 6 models per army.
# Daemons of Chaos infantry units may only be a maximum of 400 points per unit
# Max 3 units with the ‘fly’ special rule
# The Masque, Skulltaker and the Blue Scribes may not be taken (yes special characters can be taken!)

As you can see it still lets you take lots of the usual toys but limits things which can be a bit over the top. With all this in mind, I've decided to use the following list....

2400 Pts - Daemons of Chaos Army

Lord of Change - 560 pts (General, Level 4 Wizard, Master of Sorcery(Light))
Herald of Khorne - 115 pts (Armour of Khorne)
Herald of Khorne - 115 pts (Armour of Khorne)
Herald of Nurgle - 190 pts (Battle Standard Bearer, Staff of Nurgle)

23 Bloodletters - 306 pts (Full Command)
23 Bloodletters - 306 pts (Full Command)
20 Plaguebearers - 295 pts (Full Command, Standard of Seeping Decay)

3 Flamers - 105 pts
3 Flamers - 105 pts
3 Beasts of Nurgle - 300 pts

The army is a bit smaller than what I wanted, however I wanted to see how the Lord of Change and Beasts of Nurgle work in 8th edition. The general idea of the army is for the Lord of Change to buff up everything thing up with the Lore of Light, which oddly enough works really well with the Daemons (well it's odd if you consider the fluff). If the Lord of Change is taken out of the game early, the army is still quite effective. I just need to be wary of being outnumbered by enemy units, but my Lord of Change, Herald of Nurgle and Flamers should be able to take care of any of those units.

I'm really looking forwards to my game against Chris and it's great that I'm excited about using my favourite army again. I'll have a report/review about how the game went tomorrow.