Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Midlands Open 2012 - Prep work

On this lovely summer day in July in the UK (which unsurprisingly is dull and drizzling, which in return is annoying having been on holiday somewhere hot and sunny a few days ago), I'm about to start work upon my preparations for the Midlands Open, which is being run at the end of this month. After quite a few games of using the Lizardmen I painted up for Call to War, I think I have started to get my head around them, and I'm quite looking forwards to using them at the event. I have had to change my list though to get them to work.

With me wanting to use the dual Ancient Stegadon combo, I've changed my list to include a unit of Temple Guard and I've switched the Slann to using the Lore of Life. In theory this should work quite well under the Midlands Open rules, which are set to game results being a Win, Loss, or Draw. With the Temple Guard and Lore of Life, I should be able to try and keep my units alive longer and not give my opponents any points. I just need to learn now that I need to try and not be too aggressive with the army and leave units stranded to be picked off.

All that's left for me now is to paint up the new models for my army and try not to forget how to play Warhammer in place of 6th ed 40K (which is looking really, really good from my first couple of reads!)