Friday, 19 April 2013

Kill Team Update - Events Team listens

Just a quick update about my review of the Kill Team - Operation: Mortifico event. It seems that the events team have listened to what people have said and come up with some changes which come into effect for the next event! You can see the changes here of the Warhammer World Facebook page.

But the general jist is....

  • You must have at least three models
  • A model may not have more than three wounds (before leader upgrades)
What this means is no more Riptides as well as no more Dooms (Nid special Character), however one thing which does seem to break Kill Team at the moment is a massive unit of Horrors. Due to how Horrors work now, you can effectively have 22 models which can pump out a lot of shots with their powers and because they pass psychic tests on Ld10, I can see it being a very frustrating game for people! Nick from the events team is going to look into this so hopefully this horrible thing can be stopped before somebody ruins the event!


  1. The Warhammer World Events team are really good at listening to feedback and acting on it. They do a good job.

  2. Yeah I was really impressed with how they took on any feedback people gave them. I just hope that they plug this hole as I think it will upset people if it is ever used!